Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III, Cyprus mint
Description: Ptolemy IV (222 - 204 BC) and Arsinoe III. Cyprus mint. Diademed head of Arsinoe III or Aphrodite right / Double cornucopia tied with fillet.
Diameter: AE12 mm
Weight: 1,12 g
Grade: gF/gF
Attribution: Svoronos 1160; SNG Cop 649
Commentary: brownish patina, well centered, some roughness
History: In his book "The Coinage System of Cleopatra VII and Augustus in Cyprus", Kreuzer actually atributes this coin to the famous Cleopatra VII, but the overwhelming majority of numismatic experts sees it as Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III issue.
Article Number: 006-10-01-41652
50,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.