Maurice Tiberius; AE 8 Penatnummia, Cherson; Maurice&Constantia/Theodosios
Description: Maurice Tiberius (582 - 602 AD). AE 8 Pentanummia, Cherson mint. XEPCWNOC; Maurice on left, holding cross on globe, Constantina on right, transverse sceptre topped by cross, both nimbate, standing facing, (no cross between their heads) / Large H, to left Theodosius standing facing, nimbate, holding staff topped by chi-rho or P-headed cross, cross above.
Diameter: AE30 mm
Weight: 9,96 g
Grade: F/F
Attribution: Sear 606; DOC 303
Commentary: rare; brown patina, faint but recognizable details
History: Maurice is attributed to be the author of Strategikon - monumental work on art of warfare and manual for the generals of next 13 centuries.
Article Number: 060-03-04-42384
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