Cilicia, Mopsos, Marcus Aurelius
Description: Cilicia, Mopsos, Marcus Aurelius (161 - 180 AD). AVT KAI MAP AYPHΛIO ANTΩNEINOC CE; draped bare headed bust right / AΔPIANΩN MOΨEATΩN ETOYC ΛC; Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus in toga confronting clasping hands over burning altar.
Diameter: AE30 mm
Weight: 19,02 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: cf. SNG BN Paris 1976 (Lucius Verus)
Commentary: rare; though nearly identical to the Lucius Verus issue, the face is undoubtedly Marcus Aurelius; bronze patina, decent details
History: The city often changed its name in course of history and was known as: Mopsuestia, Seleucia on the Pyramus, Mopsos, Hadriana, Decia - just to stick with the antiquity only.
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