Cilician Armenia, Levon I; AR Double Tram
Description: Cilician Armenia, Levon I (1198 - 1219). AR Double Tram. Levon seated facing on throne decorated with lions, holding globus cruciger and lis-tipped sceptre, with feet resting upon footstool / Crowned lion advancing left, head facing, holding patriarchal cross, dot below, triskeles (?) above.
Diameter: AR27 mm
Weight: 4,6 g
Grade: gF/gVF
Attribution: AC 268
Commentary: rare; flan break and edge clipping, sharp reverse
History: The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia was a state formed in the Middle Ages by Armenian refugees, who were fleeing the Seljuk invasion of Armenia; it existed for nearly 300 years from 1080-1375.
Article Number: 053-07-05-41652
40,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.