Ariarathes II; head of Ariarathes/Athena
Description: Cappadocian Kingdom, Ariarathes II (301 - 280 BC). Head of Ariarathes left, wearing bashlyk / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΡΙΑΡΑΘΟΥ; Athena standing left, holding spear and shield.
Diameter: AE12 mm
Weight: 2,26 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: Simonetta (Parthica 9) 4
Commentary: very rare; dark patina with sandy deposits, good for this type
History: Ariarathes' adopted father, Ariarathes I, was first satrap and then first king of Cappadocia; Ariarathes I was crucified by Perdikkas, he was 82 years old.
Article Number: 026-02-01-41652
55,00 €
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