Thracian Kingdom, Lysimachos; head of Athena/Athena standing
Description: Thracian Kingdom, Lysimachos (305 - 281 BC). Male head right, wearing Phrygian helmet / ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΛΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ; Athena Parthenos standing left.
Diameter: AE21 mm
Weight: 7,84 g
Grade: aVF/GF
Attribution: Lindgren I 908; SNG Cop. 1164
Commentary: dark green-grey patina, some rougness
History: In 284 BC, urged by his second wife Arsinoe, Lysimachus put his son Agathokles to death which led to revolt of Asia Minor cities, the invasion of Seleukos I and Lysimachos' death in the Battle of Corupedium in 281 AD.
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