Indo-Skythian, Maues; AR Tetradrachm
Description: Indo-Skythian Kingdom, Maues (90 - 57 BC). AR Tetradrachm. BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY MAYOY; Zeus standing left, holding sceptre / rajatirajasa mahatasa moasa (Kharoshthi); Nike standing right, holding wreath and palm, monogram at right.
Diameter: AR27 mm
Weight: 9,16 g
Grade: aVF/VF
Attribution: MIG 729; Senior 1.1T
Commentary: well centered, some roughness
History: Kharosthi script was used to write Sanskrit and Gandhari language and was used from 3th century BC until 3rd century AD.
Article Number: 036-08-02-41652
245,00 €
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