Sicily, Katane; AE Onkia; head of river-god/winged thunderbolt
Description: Sicily, Katane, 405 - 402 BC. AE Onkia. Horned head of young river-god Amenanos left / Winged thunderbolt, pellet in field.
Diameter: AE9 mm
Weight: 0,78 g
Grade: F/aVF
Attribution: Calciati III, 92, 2; SNG ANS 1272 var
Commentary: well centered, mottled grey and green patina
History: In ancient times Catania was associated with the legend of Amphinomus and Anapias, who, on occasion of a great eruption of Etna, abandoned all their property, and carried off their aged parents on their shoulders, the stream of lava itself was said to have parted, and flowed aside so as not to harm them.
Article Number: 024-01-05-41652
70,00 €
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