Sicily, Kamarina; AE Onkia; gorgoneion/owl with lizard
Description: Sicily, Kamarina, 425 - 405 BC. AE Onkia. Facing gorgon head, tongue protruding / KAMA; owl standing right, grasping lizard in talons, pellet in exergue (off flan).
Diameter: AE12 mm
Weight: 1,46 g
Grade: gVF/aVF
Attribution: Calciati vol III, p. 48, 4/1; BMC Sicily p. 40, 41
Commentary: brown patina, some spots, good details
History: 405 BC Kamarina was destroyed by Carthaginians and restored only much later in 339 by Timoleon.
Article Number: 037-05-01-41652
170,00 €
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