Sicily, Himera as Thermai Himerensis; Hera/Herakles
Description: Sicily, Himera as Thermai Himerensis, late 4th - early 3rd century BC. Head of Hera right, wearing stephane / Head of young Herakles right, in lion skin headdress.
Diameter: AE15 mm
Weight: 3,26 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: Calciati I p. 119, 13; BMC Sicily p. 83, 3; SNG ANS 190
Commentary: grey patina, usual weak strike
History: In 409 BC Himera was utterly destroyed by Carthaginian forces under Hannibal Mago and the remaining inhabitants, who survuved the slaughter and scattering established themselves some times latter in the new settlement of Thermai.
Article Number: 049-10-08-41652
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