Lucania, Thourioi; head of Apollo/horse
Description: Lucania, Thourioi, 280 - 213 BC. Laureate head of Apollo left / ΘOY; horse prancing right, AΣ monogram below.
Diameter: AE13 mm
Weight: 2,36 g
Grade: VF/gVF
Attribution: HN Italy 1928; SNG ANS 1201
Commentary: bronze surfaces with some green mineral deposits, well centered, great details
History: Thourioi was an exception among Greek colonies in that it was a Pan-Hellenic foundation, initiated by Athens, but nevertheless consisting of 10 "tribes" of colonists from all over Greece.
Article Number: 037-09-01-41652
175,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.