Constantine I; AE Follis, Ostia; standards
Description: Constantine I (307 - 337 AD). AE Follis, Ostia mint 312-313 AD. IMP C CONSTANTINVS P F AVG; laureate and cuirassed bust right / SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI; Aquila in between two standards; MOSTQ in ex.
Diameter: AE22 mm
Weight: 4,26 g
Grade: VF/VF
Attribution: RIC VI 96
Commentary: scarce; grey-brown patina with some deposits, good details
History: Minted directly after the defeat of Maxentius; only one year later, in 313 AD, Constantine transferred the mint to Aquileia just after 4 years of operation.
Article Number: 059-06-08-42384
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