Constantine I; AE Follis Heraclea; vows in wreath
Description: Constantine I (307 - 337 AD). AE Follis, Heraclea mint 327-329 AD. CONSTANTINVS AVG; pearl–diademed head right, eyes raised towards heaven / VOT XXX in laurel wreath; •SMHB in ex.
Diameter: AE17 mm
Weight: 2,54 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: RIC VII 92; LRBC 888
Commentary: dark grey patina with minor deposits, minor roughness
History: The upward gaze on the coin is widely interpreted as Christian symbolism and Eusebius confirms it, but the pious look towards heaven was staped on Greek coins many ceturies earlier.
Article Number: 035-11-03-42962
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