Maurice Tiberius; AE Dekanummium, Antioch
Description: Maurice Tiberius (582 - 602 AD). AE Dekanummium, Theoupolis (Antioch) mint 601-602 AD. D N mAVRC Tib PP AVG; bust facing, crown with trefoil ornament, consular robes, mappa in right, eagle tipped scepter in left / Large mark of value I, between ANNO and XX, cross above, THEUP in ex.
Diameter: AE16 mm
Weight: 2,4 g
Grade: F/F
Attribution: SBCV 537
Commentary: grey and brown patina, some deposits
History: The emperor's will in 597 makes clear that he had by no means given up ideas of universal politics: his son Theodosius was to succeed him in the East and his son Tiberius in Rome, which was to remain the second capital.
Article Number: 049-05-08-41652
15,00 €
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