Maurice Tiberius; AE Decanummium, Antioch
Description: Maurice Tiberius (582 - 602 AD). AE Decanummium, Antioch mint 583-584 AD. M TIO V P...; bust facing, crown with trefoil ornament, consular robes, mappa in right, eagle tipped scepter in left / Large X, between ANNO and II, cross above, ρ below.
Diameter: AE19 mm
Weight: 2,88 g
Grade: aVF/VF
Attribution: Sear 526; DOC 195
Commentary: attractive green patina, some deposits, sharp reverse
History: After the troops of Phocas captured Maurice, he and his six sons, stil underage, were executed; his wife and three daughters were sent to a monastery.
Article Number: 038-05-05-41652
40,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.