Justinian I; AE Dekanummium, Carthage; Victory facing
Description: Justinian I (527 - 565 AD). AE Dekanummium, Carthage mint 548-549 AD. DN IVSTINIANVS P P AVG; diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / VICTORIA AC; Victory standing facing, wreath in right, globus cruciger in left, X between two stars in ex.
Diameter: AE19 mm
Weight: 4 g
Grade: F/gF
Attribution: DOC I 304; SBCV 271
Commentary: scarce; brown patina, some pitting, obverse slightly off-center
History: On Sunday, October 15, 533, the Byzantine general Belisarius, accompanied by his wife Antonina, made his formal entry into Carthage after 100 years of Vandal rule.
Article Number: 049-07-07-41652
55,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.