Justin II and Sophia, AE Follis, Constantinople
Description: Justin II (565 - 578 AD). AE Follis, Constantinople mint. D N IVSTINVS P P AV, Justin II seated on left and Sophia seated on right facing on double throne, both are nimbate, he holds a globus cruciger, she holds a cruciform scepter / large M between ANNO and GI (year 7), cross above, E (5th officina) below, CON in ex.
Diameter: AE31 mm
Weight: 12,6 g
Grade: gF/VF
Attribution: SBCV 360
Commentary: dark olive-grey patina, well-centered, strike errror (metal inflow) on obverse
History: The only daughter of Justin II and Sophia, born before their rise to power, was named Arabia - an unusual name for the highly Christianized society.
Article Number: 016-04-03-41652
25,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.