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Macedonia, Koinon, Claudius
Description: Macedonia, Koinon, Claudius (41 - 54 AD). TIBEΡIOΣ KΛAΥΔIOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΓEΡMANIKOΣ; bare head left / ΣEBAΣTOΣ MAKEΔONΩN; Macedonian shield.
Diameter: AE23 mm
Weight: 11,22 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: Moushmov 5874; RPC I 1612
Commentary: bronze surfaces, slightly off-center, good details
History: Macedonian Koinon was an association of Macedonian cities dating back to last Macedonian kings and renewed under the Roman rule, minting its own coins since the reign of Claudius.
Article Number: 048-06-06-41652