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Koinon of Thessaly, Livia
Description: Thessaly, Koinon, Livia (died 29 AD), issued under Claudius (41 - 54 AD). Antigonos, strategos. Veiled female head (Livia?) left, wearing stephane / ANTIΓONOY ΣTPATHΓOY; the nymph Larissa standing left, holding ball in her right hand, monogram to left.
Diameter: AE25 mm
Weight: 8,88 g
Grade: aVF/gF
Attribution: Burrer Em. 1, Series 2, 37 (A11/R31); BCD Thessaly II 924.2 (same obv. die); RPC 1434
Commentary: rare; green patina, off-center, good portrait
History: As a wife, mother and grandmother of the emperor the influence of Livia stretched over nearly a century of Roman history.
Article Number: 046-06-03-41652