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Troas, Ilion, Trajan Decius
Description: Troas, Ilion, Trajan Decius (249 - 251 AD). AΥT K MEC TΡAI ΔEKIOC; laureate cuirassed bust right / ΙΛΙΕΩΝ ΘEOI, ΕΚΤΩΡ (in ex.); Hector, brandishing shield and spear, looking back, in biga right.
Diameter: AE21 mm
Weight: 3,64 g
Grade: F/gF
Attribution: not in known references
Commentary: very rare; bronze and black surfaces
History: Siege of Troy and the Homeric heroes were familiar motifs to the Romans which saw in the Trojan Aenaeas the mythical ancestral founding hero.
Article Number: 059-03-08-42384