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Phrygia, Dokimeion, Lucius Verus
Description: Phrygia, Dokimeion, Lucius Verus (161 - 169 AD). ΑV KAI Λ AVP OVHPO: laureate and draped bust right / MAKEΔONΩN ΔΟΚΙΜEΩΝ; Cybele, holding scepter and tympanum, right on lion.
Diameter: AE29 mm
Weight: 16.2 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: Not in known references; cf. SNG von Aulock 3549 (M.Aurelius), BMC 21 (M.Aurelius)
Commentary: very rare; great bronze patina
History: Originally a Phrygian goddess, Cybele was the goddess of Mother Earth.
Article Number: 001-03-02-44287