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Mysia, Pergamon, Livia and Julia
Description: Mysia, Pergamon, Livia and Julia. Struck ca. 10-2 BC. Charinos, grammateus. ΛIBIAN HPAN XAPINOΣ; draped bust of Livia (as Hera) right / IOYΛIAN AΦPOΔITHN; draped bust of Julia (as Aphrodite) right.
Diameter: AE16 mm
Weight: 4,3 g
Attribution: SNG Cop. 467; RPC I 2359
Commentary: scarce; dark grey patina, some roughness
History: Julia is personified here as Aphrodite - the godess of love - which actually was more or less the reason of her having been exiled by her father Augustus.
Article Number: 031-03-01-44365