115,00 €
VAT is not accountable due to margin scheme taxation.
Mysia, Parium, Salonina
Description: Mysia, Parium, Salonina (253 - 268 AD). CVRNE SALONINA VΛG; draped bust right, wearing stephane / C G I H P; capricorn right, with cornucopia over shoulder.
Diameter: AE22 mm
Weight: 4,14 g
Grade: VF/VF
Attribution: Lindgren I, 283; CNG E-257, lot 235; Roma 3, lot 531
Commentary: very rare; dark green patina, some roughness on edges, sharp details
History: After her two older sons and Ceasars, Valerian II and Saloninus, were murdered as teenagers by their own troops in 257 AD und 260 AD, Salonina gave birth to the last son Marinianus in 265 AD, who was also murdered after his father's downfall.
Article Number: 057-04-08-42384