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Lydia, Thyateira, Domitian
Description: Lydia, Thyateira, Domitian (81 - 96 AD). Laureate head of Domitian (as Herakles?) right / ΘΥA-TEIΡ-HNΩN within laurel wreath, all within border of dots.
Diameter: AE16 mm
Weight: 2 g
Grade: gF/aVF
Attribution: cf. Gorny Auc. 181 (10/2009), lot 1801 (Domitia)
Commentary: rare; light olive patina, well centered, some flatness and scratches on reverse
History: The grandfather of Domitian, Titus Flavius Fabinus I, contributed seriously to the wealth of gens Flavia through his service as a banker in Helvetia - modern Switzerland.
Article Number: 020-05-01-41652