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Lydia, Thyateira, Julia Titi
Description: Lydia, Thyateira, Julia Titi (Augusta 79 - 90/1 AD), daughter of Titus, lover of Domitian. IOVΛIA CEBACTH; draped bust of Julia Titi right / ΘΥATEIΡHNΩN; tripod altar.
Diameter: AE16 mm
Weight: 2,54 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: RPC II 941; Waddington 5352
Commentary: very rare; the features are often also used for Domitia, but legend is clear albeit weak; dark patina, good details
History: Julia Titi was Domitian brother's (Titus) daughter and the lover of Domitian.
Article Number: 013-01-03-41652