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Ionia, Ephesos, Trajan Decius
Description: Ionia, Ephesos, Trajan Decius (249 - 251 AD). AVT K TPAIANOC ΔΕKIOC; laureate, draped bust right / ΕΦΕ-CΙΩ-Ν; statue of Artemis Ephesia in four-column temple.
Diameter: AE22 mm
Weight: 3,2 g
Grade: aVF/aVF
Attribution: SNG Cop 492
Commentary: dark patina, good centering
History: Only 12 years after the reign of Trajan Decius the famous temple of Artemis in Ephesos was burnt by the Goths in 263 AD.
Article Number: 006-06-02-41652