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Ionia, Ephesos, Domitian
Description: Ionia, Ephesos, Domitian (81 - 96 AD). Homonoia with Smyrna. Caesennius Paetus, Proconsul, 91-95 AD. Struck ca 91-95 AD. ΔOMITIANOC KAICAP CЄBACTOC ΓЄPMANIKOC; laureate bust right, slight drapery and aegis on far shoulder / ANΘY KAICЄN ПAITOY OMONOIA; two Amazons clasping right hands, each holding labrys, ZMYP to left, εΦε to right.
Diameter: AE30 mm
Weight: 16,92 g
Grade: gF/gF
Attribution: RPC II 1080; SNG München 289; BMC 408
Commentary: rare; dark green patina with minor breaks on reverse, good details with legible legends
History: In the 1st century AD the rivalry between the cities of western Asia Minor became so fierce, that a kind of inter-city cooperative diplomacy - homonoia - was widely used to chanel this competition into more cooperative ways.
Article Number: 060-03-05-42384